ABOUT Paradise Tropical Wines

Paradise Tropical Wines Kemah opened in 2016 by Salvador & Michele Cisneros.  Having tasted the Tropical Fruit Wine, they immediately fell in love with the product.  Wanting to share the unique, fresh, crisp taste of the wine, they decided to open a location near the Kemah Boardwalk.  There is nothing better than taking a stroll by the water and having a glass of wine!

Locals and visitors alike will love the wine, sparkling wines, and wine smoothies, as well as the unique gifts the boutique has to offer.  We appreciate the opportunity to share our tropical escape experience with you and look forward to having you visit us.

It is now owned by Colton Trout who has expanded not only the seating, menu, reach, but has extended the mission to create a space that truly embodies the word PARADISE! Colton's vision for Paradise is to be THE place to enjoy amazing wine, beer, wine cocktails, and much more. Enjoy lots of outside seating and an environment where you truly feel like you have found PARADISE!  


We have Wine Smoothies to go!!! Tannin & Gluten Free.

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